What is Syndication?

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Being part of a horse ownership syndicate is a GREAT way of getting involved with the sport of eventing at any level!

Horse ownership syndication is when a group of people comes together to purchase shares in a promising horse for a professional event rider. These shares not only cover the actual cost to buy the horse, but the annual costs needed to maintain the horse. For example, if you are joining a horse ownership syndication which offers 10 shares, then you and 9 other people will own that event horse and help maintain the costs of your event horse on an annual basis. The good news is that all of these costs are usually predetermined, and syndications come in many affordable price ranges!

To view the syndicates currently available with Allison Springer Eventing, please visit our Syndicates page!
“Gretchen and I are excited to be members of the Team Arthur Syndicate. To us, Allison and Arthur’s journey has been emblematic of what makes our sport so great: they hung tough through some ups and downs, kept believing in themselves and working hard, and then proved their mettle with a spectacular season in 2012. We are betting that the best is yet to come! We also salute Allison for her leadership in the sport of eventing, including not only her service on the USEA Board and with PRO but for her demonstration that an elite rider can look great and ride a winning four star dressage test while wearing an approved safety helmet- an important lesson for up- and-comers. Go Arthur and Allison!”
“Allison is not only a great rider, but a wonderful person as well. She is someone who is a true role model for all young riders; whether their aspiration is the Olympics or a local neighborhood event. We are proud to be a part of Team Arthur Syndicate and Allison Springer!”